With an exciting range of retail delights on its doorstep and a variety of activated spaces on its premises, 100 Creek is a space that is truly alive.

new life into
your business

100 Creek is designed to enhance every aspect of your business. Thanks to its stylish blend of elegant, modern interior design with the timeless, classic ambience of the building, this has created an impressive setting in which to position any forward-thinking business.

end of trip

FitPoint by ISPT is a purpose designed, end-of-trip facility that provides employees with stylish amenities to enjoy before and after work.

Level 25
Level 24
Level 23
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Level 10
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Level 3 Suite 3.4, Suite 3.3 Suite 3.2
Level 2 Suite 2.4Suite 2.3 Suite 2.2Suite 2.1
Level 1

Building Features

  • 25 levels, with a mix of column-free and columned spaces up to 886m2
  • A wide range of workspaces with a variety of styles available
  • A stylish activated lobby that invites people in off the street
  • Signage and naming rights available
  • Security service from 6am to 6pm
  • Immediate access to Gresham Lane retail precinct
  • 2 levels of basement parking
  • Bike racks
  • End of trip facilities
  • 5 Star NABERS Energy Rating
  • 4 Star NABERS Water Rating
  • 6 Star NABERS Indoor Environment Rating